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Setting up a recruitment pipeline

Once you have set up your booking link, you have to share it with a large audience to recruit participants for your projects. There are a number of ways to effectively achieve this.

These approaches focus on recruiting participants from within your own customer base. This usually yields better quality participants, however, in some cases, such as expanding to new markets, it may be a good option to recruit from a third-party panel.


The most basic way of recruiting participants is sending them an email asking them to participate in research. You can embed your appointment link in these emails to let the user immediately book a session with you.

CRM and Email marketing tools are especially helpful for sending out mass emails.

Embedding in your website

Calendly lets you add its booking flow directly to your website, so your users can schedule a session with you conveniently, without leaving your site. You will have to involve the dev team to do this, but it requires minimal development work and can be accomplished quickly.

Follow this tutorial for details.

Using an in-app interrupt

Several tools offer the possibility to display popups within your application when the user executes a specific action. These are primarily sales and marketing tools, but they can be repurposed for user research.

The advantage of this approach is that you can target users based on their actions and usage patterns, giving you very relevant participants for specific research.

You can embed your appointment link in these popups to make it easy for participants to immediately book a session with you.

These tools usually require little to no coding, but some thought to set up.

Some examples for this approach are: