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Welcome to the Collaborative User Research Playbook

Every product company wants to build better products faster. Modern product teams are already good at building and releasing products quickly and iteratively but tend to lag behind when it comes to learning about their users at the same speed.

This guide contains a practical set of processes and techniques that you can implement to create a fast and lightweight user research practice that makes an impact within your organization.

Fast research has 3 pillars:

  1. Make user research continuous by automating your recruitment pipeline and other administrative tasks.
  2. Make user research collaborative by involving stakeholders in research and directly exposing them to users, so you develop better insights and make them stick.
  3. Measure the impact of collaborative research, so you can monitor and manage the development of your organization's UX Maturity.

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This guide is brought to you by Airtime. We build dedicated software to enable researchers to set up a continuous and collaborative research practice. Check out our website to learn more!