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Automating consent

To comply with GDPR requirements you need to make sure that every participant has given consent before participating in research.

TIP: If you don't yet have a document for this purpose, you can start with the awesome Consent Form Builder created by the ResearchOps Community

Using an Invitee Question in Calendly

This is a barebones and straightforward approach consisting of only three steps:

  1. Upload your consent form to a publicly accessible link. A public PDF in google drive will do.
  2. Create a shortened link to the form. This improves readability and gets around the character limit for Calendly questions. You can use a link shortener service like
  3. Set up a custom question in Calendly using the link to your form. Make sure the question is required.

Calendly consent question

Using a research governance platform

If you need more sophisticated research governance features Consentkit is a good alternative. Watch this tutorial to get started:

Consentkit demo video

In this setup, you have to manually send out the consent form from Consentkit to every participant that signs up for a session. It's a bit of work to keep everything in sync.